Dolls, Fibre Scultpures and Costumes

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my new Blog!

I am a cloth doll artist.  This means I create dolls, or fabric sculptures, from cloth, most high quality quilt cottons.

I have been sewing for many years.  I originally taught my self to sew when I was 14.  I had high fashion tastes and a second hand budget so something had to give.  With a Vogue pattern and my mother’s old Pfaff manual sewing machine I made my self a bright turquoise straight skirt with kick pleat.  After that I never looked back.  I taught my self to make tailored suits and with the help of books I taught my self pattern making.  At some point my sister introduced me to a historical recreation group and I got involved in costuming.  This was great fun, so much better then making corporate wear clothing!

Everything I learned designing and sewing clothes and costumes is incorporated in my doll making.


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  1. liveparadox said:

    Hi! Nice place you’ve got here. 🙂

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