Dolls, Fibre Scultpures and Costumes

The Studio

I finally have a studio again.  I moved this winter, it was quite an adventure.  I strongly suggest that you don’t ever move in January when it is -30C, it is very unpleasant, pipes freeze, car batteries freeze and the movers complain bitterly and sometimes move a bit too fast for the safety of your goods.

I would also suggest that you don’t have any medical procedures done the week before resulting in you spending a day in ER when you should be packing.  Yes, I didn’t know I was very, very allergic to the iodine they inject for the scan.   They get very upset when you fall over and can’t breathe to tell them what is wrong.   It was the fastest trip to and through ER I have ever experienced!  But the result was that I was stoned and sick for weeks, so it took me a long time to un pack and set up the studio.

So now I have a studio.  It still needs to get painted but I was not going to expose myself to paint chemicals until I could open windows very wide (without freezing the pipes).  I have some nice purple and some lipstick red to paint it with.

studio with cat

work space with cat

The other side

the other side

The studio was a kitchen.  The house is actually a duplex that has been converted and this is the upstairs flat kitchen that is now a laundry room and my studio.  The cat thinks she owns it but I am allowed to use it too.  Notice the little mat she is sitting on, it is her space on my work table.  If I don’t provide the space she will make space, usually by knocking all the beads down.  The kitchen cupboards and drawers are great storage space for my more delicate fabric, yarns and my stash of buttons, trim and beads.  It keeps them safe from becoming cat beds.  Sophie, the cat, loves silk and pricey yarns to sleep on.


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