Dolls, Fibre Scultpures and Costumes


Here I am chomping at the bit to work on my new piece and I have to stop and do renovations!  Moving furniture, plastering  and painting.  Now this wouldn’t be so bad if my knees would cooperate, but no,  we have to object loudly to going up and down the stairs.  The move of stuff to the new living room should have taken half a day is now being spread out over several.

And as usual it is like doing a rubrics cube.  This moves here, that goes there, this goes back where it was….


But anyway – back to the new piece.  It is a mermaid.  I did some live drawing studio work this fall and several drawings inspired me.

live drawing sketches

live drawing sketches


Of course the actual one has no resemblance to these, except for her back side.  Here are the first looks:

mermaid in progress

mermaid in progress

Tail has been sculpted and body partially assembled with some sculpting.   She will be swimming and fighting her way out of a net.   Which kind of fits with my life for the last few months.


Comments on: "Frustration" (2)

  1. Looking forward to seeing the completed mermaid.

  2. Elizabeth said:

    It’s just lovely ! The tail is amazing.

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