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Finding my feet

I finally managed to clear off enough desk space in the room I am occupying to spread out the mermaid.  Two weeks of knitting and listening to mom’s talking books is enough.  There are hours when not much is happening and I can work on her as long as I can hear the other room (but the talking book is fuzzed out).  Mom likes vampires, fantasy, adventure or hot romance.  I find it hard to focus between the throbbing manhood, the exploding body parts and castle sieges.

My art should hopefully be on display at the Gaia art show this weekend – both the “Sacred Twins” and the “Spell for Abundance”.

The attack of the blank page is not going well.  I picked up a sketch book and after much confusion drew one of the plants Mom has.  It didn’t work at all.  I much prefer drawing people but nobody will let me.  I tried to sneak up on mom but her hearing is still very good.

Edmonton – flight and arrival

The flight was good.  Calm with few clouds.  I again marvelled at how empty Canada really is as we flew over the middle of Ontario and the Prairies.  The Canadian shield is so pretty from the air.  It would make such a beautiful abstract quilt.  All swirling lines of shades of green and random lakes.  I wish I had packed a sketch book in my hand bag – I packed the pencils and erasers but the pad was left on the desk.

At the last minute I couldn’t leave the mermaid behind.  I threw out some sweaters and packed yarn for potential hair (enough to make a Wookie), the body parts,  bags of beads and tools.  I could always borrow clothes from my sister.  Next week I will pick up some stuffing for the head and tail fins.  I also have to find something to make the net out of, I want thin, shiny black something.

I was stunned at how much my mother has deteriorated since I last saw her – but that is not what this blog is about.  Besides I can’t dwell on this right now – maybe in a couple of months…….

Week 10

I have been once more working with Julia Cameron’s  “The Artist Way”   In fact this blog was due to the earlier weeks I journaled.

Week 10 is about U-turns.  Very appropriate. I am totally stuck there.

Friday I am leaving for Edmonton to help look after my parents for about 6 weeks.  No art show, no access to my art supplies.  Plus I didn’t have time to finish the mermaid piece.  The last 2 weeks have been all about scrambling to finish the renovations and painting and get my studio back in order – again.  Then there was the garden – also know as the former dog litter box and weed patch.  It had to be “cleaned up” .   It is now half turned over.  The rest will hopefully done by my roommate.

Actually some of my art will be in the show but I won’t be there.

A lot in the Artist Way is about learning to say NO.  But this is one where I can’t.  My sister has hurt herself and also is sick and over tired.  Mom had a series of mini strokes a few years ago and is in bad shape and dad has a heart condition.  So I am going to Edmonton to cook, clean, chauffeur, shop, and supervise Moms treatment and … do some more renovations.

I am going to take a sketch book and see if I can get past the Blank Page Syndrome.  Maybe it is like the Second Sock Syndrome, I got past that by knitting two at the time on 2 circulars – Somehow the idea of drawing on two pages at the same time doesn’t seem to click.