Dolls, Fibre Scultpures and Costumes

Week 10

I have been once more working with Julia Cameron’s  “The Artist Way”   In fact this blog was due to the earlier weeks I journaled.

Week 10 is about U-turns.  Very appropriate. I am totally stuck there.

Friday I am leaving for Edmonton to help look after my parents for about 6 weeks.  No art show, no access to my art supplies.  Plus I didn’t have time to finish the mermaid piece.  The last 2 weeks have been all about scrambling to finish the renovations and painting and get my studio back in order – again.  Then there was the garden – also know as the former dog litter box and weed patch.  It had to be “cleaned up” .   It is now half turned over.  The rest will hopefully done by my roommate.

Actually some of my art will be in the show but I won’t be there.

A lot in the Artist Way is about learning to say NO.  But this is one where I can’t.  My sister has hurt herself and also is sick and over tired.  Mom had a series of mini strokes a few years ago and is in bad shape and dad has a heart condition.  So I am going to Edmonton to cook, clean, chauffeur, shop, and supervise Moms treatment and … do some more renovations.

I am going to take a sketch book and see if I can get past the Blank Page Syndrome.  Maybe it is like the Second Sock Syndrome, I got past that by knitting two at the time on 2 circulars – Somehow the idea of drawing on two pages at the same time doesn’t seem to click.


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