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Back home

I am finally back home in Montreal.  I have spent some time excavating my studio and cleaning.  It is amazing how dusty and dirty unused rooms get.  You would think the cat and dog would be bald from the amount off hair  and dust bunnies I swept up!

I have been re-acquainting myself with my fabrics and yarns, re-arranging the studio now that I see it with fresh eyes.  However there is only so much space so it is a challenge still.  Luckily my youngest didn’t fill up the hallway with her boxes so I still have some space to maneuver, to put away things I don’t use daily.  Also with the nicer weather the balcony becomes usable space – but only in the mornings when it is cool.

When I got home I was also trapped into some computer support for a website.  That site is changing servers (and more)so I will lose my webhosting for a while until I find a new host.  The positive side is that I will no longer have to support this site and rewrite its software to handle Firefox 4 & 5.

Whitehorse, the Yukon

I am now in Whitehorse, the Yukon, staying with my daughter and granddaughter.  The scenery is awesome here.  The air is clear, there is no noise except for the birds and other wildlife.  It is heavenly (except for the mosquitoes)

These were shot about a 5 minute walk from my daughter’s place.  They make me itch to be able to paint landscapes – at which I really suck.

Tomorrow I am hitting the galleries here with my granddaughter.

Another Art show June 9th

As a result of the Gaia Gathering Art Show I was invited to be part of another show and fundraiser  The exhibition is from June
9th until July 9th.

“Enchanted Forest” – June 9th Fundraiser. 6pm-10pm Coctail & Chinese Auction. 6pm-10pm. Group Art Show.

Music: DJ Eliazar & tba. Belly Dance by Sharon Levinger. Cocktail sponsored by Barefoot Wines.

Location: Ahimsa Yoga Studio & Community Space: 5369 St. Laurent, Suite 240

Both the “Spell for Abundance” and “Eagle Dancer” will be on display there.

Here in Edmonton nothing much has moved forward on the mermaid.  I have been doing a lot of drywall and painting and it has taken its toll on my hands.  I have to sculpt the face and every thread counts and I simply don’t have the control right now.  So mostly when not doing the other things I am knitting on my daughters  black lace stockings.  I am at the ankles – they are going to be thigh high.