Dolls, Fibre Scultpures and Costumes

As a result of the Gaia Gathering Art Show I was invited to be part of another show and fundraiser  The exhibition is from June
9th until July 9th.

“Enchanted Forest” – June 9th Fundraiser. 6pm-10pm Coctail & Chinese Auction. 6pm-10pm. Group Art Show.

Music: DJ Eliazar & tba. Belly Dance by Sharon Levinger. Cocktail sponsored by Barefoot Wines.

Location: Ahimsa Yoga Studio & Community Space: 5369 St. Laurent, Suite 240

Both the “Spell for Abundance” and “Eagle Dancer” will be on display there.

Here in Edmonton nothing much has moved forward on the mermaid.  I have been doing a lot of drywall and painting and it has taken its toll on my hands.  I have to sculpt the face and every thread counts and I simply don’t have the control right now.  So mostly when not doing the other things I am knitting on my daughters  black lace stockings.  I am at the ankles – they are going to be thigh high.


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