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I know – it has been a while but the kitchen needed painting, anyway I am back on track.

Two of the forums I belong to have recently had troll infestations.  This was painful because both deal with art issues, one is about journaling to find your creativity and the other is about sharing ones art and getting positive feedback.  The trolls kept the emotional content very high, emotional vampires is probably the best description of these kinds of posters.  Anyway on the art sharing forum we also have something we call the MM (Monthly Motive) where we each interpret and post our idea of the chosen subjects.  This month we did “Trolls”.

Traditionally trolls are really nasty critters but the first hint of dawn kills them and turns them to stone (rather like vampires that don’t sparkle)

So here is my troll  “Dawn light on the Troll” tea cosy  AKA Dying Troll

Troll tea cosy

Dying Troll

It is made with free form machine embroidery on cotton.  There is on over lay of golden yellow net with sparkles on one side to simulate the dawn light.

Close up of eye