Dolls, Fibre Scultpures and Costumes

Back to ART!

After the fun at Con-cept, the sci fi convention,  I dove into lots of manual labour to prepare the house and garden for winter.  The garden is now free of weeds and other growing things.

Weed be gone

The shed has been emptied, we and the neighbours ended up having “free Cycle” day.  I put everything out in the alley with a big sigh that it was free.  All days things went and new things showed up.  It was quite amazing.  Lots of kids toys and clothes changed hands.  One lady especially took my heart.  She took home lots of toys and baby things with tears in her eyes saying “This is hundred of dollars of things!!!  My kids will be so happy!”

After that I plastered and painted the stairwell which got so badly battered in the moves.  I re-arranged the living room so we could have the heat on and re-organized the kitchen so the new freezer would fit.  I had hoped to paint the studio but I just ran out of warm weather and energy.  Oh and all the windows got washed and prepped for winter too.  I am so done with this “simple back to the earth ” life!  Every part of my body hurt and my hands hardly worked at all.  But it is done until the snow flies and has to be shovelled.

But I am back to art.  I am making small stuff for Christmas craft fairs at the moment.  Doll pins, tea cozies, dancing fairies and other things like that. A bit boring but fun to play with fabric again.  It gives my hands a bit of time to recover before I try anything more complicated.  Besides just working with fabric usually triggers all sorts of design ideas.

I will be at the Old Skool Crafts on December 10 – 11  Foires Artisanales Des Fêtes – L’Église St.Michel, 105 St.Viateur O.



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