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Holidays are Over!!

Yes they are over.  I have my bedroom and studio back!  My daughter and granddaughter were here from Whitehorse.  We had a lovely visit but I put them in my bedroom and the studio so for two weeks I was left with just my knitting to keep my fingers busy.  But now everything and everyone  is back where it should be.

During the creating of the little hands and pins for the craft fair I had lots of new ideas.  So I started a new piece.  I am using all the drawings I made this summer as the inspiration.  She will be a Medusa.  The pose will be based on the Titania figure and the head on the Medusa drawings I made of my youngest daughter.  She is all cut out already and I am starting the stuffing and sculpting.  I am using fabric I found in the quilt store in Whitehorse this summer and I found some interesting silk scraps in my stash to make the snakes.

Medusa's skin

I am planning to submit this piece along with the mermaid and the eagle dancing to a call for submissions to World of Thread.   If I say this here I will actually have to do it or look really chicken.  You have no idea how many of these calls for submissions I have blown off, using dumb excuses.

I need to finish it and photograph it before Jan 16th because I head back to Edmonton that day for another month.  Like last time I plan only to bring sketch books and crayons.