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Two Hours of Stress

So on Thursday I went to the reception and open house given by the VAAA and Harcourt House.  I wandered through some artists studies, took deep breaths and introduced myself.  Using the “I just moved here in March” as a starting point for discussion helped me a lot.  No, No I didn’t just finally get up the nerve to come out to this thing, I am new here.  I felt so legit.

Why is it so hard to meet strangers and talk?  Sharon at the VAAA introduced me to some people and that made it easier.  Patricia Laing talked to me and took my card.  She passed my email address to some friends in costuming and fibre arts and suddenly I am “chatting” with people and planning on getting together.  So it does work and it is worth the stress.  Why this fear?  It is not like there is a grizzly waiting for me if I talk to the wrong person.  “Stranger Danger”?  Yeah I am not 4 years old either.

On another note, My pets have arrived from Montreal.  Despite of all my worrying they arrived safe and sound, if a little freaked out.  The cat immediate hid behind the furnace and even tried to get under the sub floor.  The dog adored everyone but was incredibly hyper.  Everyone has settled down now.  Both dogs are getting along and the cat has emerged from the basement and even teased the dog this morning.


Katie with my mother



Having my pets here really made me appreciate Patricia’s animal pictures:

Blue Kat on Green 20×24 Acrylic by Patricia Liang

Oh and we bought a bed yesterday.  So some time soon I will be having a real bed.

Oh yeah, I guess I am really living here now.


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  1. And so glad you are here Lena. I even went up to my loft that was supposed to be my ‘design studio’…and started to pick up and organize to get my creative self back!
    Thank you for sharing your artist insights at knitting!

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