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Walking the Dog

A week ago the dog got sick and spent a couple of days at the vet.  Yes I know, I needed that like a hole in the head.  However those couple of days showed me how much I depended on those 15 -20 minute walks.  It is a time just for me and the dog and it is non guilt inducing and non-negotiable – the dog must be walked several times a day since we don’t have a fenced yard and we have wall to wall carpeting.

Every morning at 7 am we go out and walk.  We watch the sun rise in spring and fall, we shuffle through the dark in winter and we pretend to run in the summer.  We surprise the hares in the fields and sometimes we meet the little white dog from down the road getting its morning walk.  While us humans use our stock phrases of “nice morning” and so on the dogs have a fest of sniffing and bouncing.



Walking similar routes everyday I see the gardens changing with the seasons in minute details.  I see the cosmos that have escaped to the field and watch the fruit trees blossom, show their fruit and lose it.  I see the backyard that was an over grown mess suddenly cut down and groomed as new owners take control.  After storms there are suddenly gaps in trees and crushed fences and huge puddles as sump pumps work their magic.  And I walk past it all day after day, 3 times a day, just breathing and watching.  The show goes on for me without lifting a finger, just walking and picking up the poop.   Through sun, rain, snow, sleet and darkness, just walking and picking up poop.

Alley garden

Alley garden



It makes the days bearable.  I can leave some of the stress out there for the gods to compost.

(Note: since the last post the number of new caregivers we have had for Mom since June 23rd is now 25)

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