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Retail Therapy

I know, you haven’t heard from me for  while, not even a Christmas greeting.  I just didn’t want to fill the airwaves with all that negativity.  Let us just pretend that the so called “holiday season” didn’t happen along with the health issues and flus and other frustrations.  We have a new health care team and home care team in place so I can breathe again.  I now have a set of professionals in geriatrics I can call upon when I have questions.

The whole “prairie fibre arts” design never happened for me.  Just not enough consecutive hours free to mark up and sew the design.   It hurt badly but  I am over that now.  Forget the dolls and art work for the time being.  I can’t work long enough to get “into the zone” at any given time.  Doing it upstairs means comments from the peanut gallery and constant interruptions – that doesn’t help with the stress either so I am sticking with knitting.

My daughters and granddaughter came for a visit in January and it coincided with a week of warm weather so we were able to walk and do fun things on Whyte Avenue.  Yes I bought clothes, lovely linen top and pants.  Then to top that off I went online.  Way back in May my oldest daughter gave me an Indigo gift certificate and since then I have looked and looked but never bought so I sat down and ordered books on art.  Then she gave us an Amazon gift certificate and I ordered more books and some music.  They have been arriving in little packages since then.  It makes getting the mail so much more exciting!  I only had one dud – music.  Once upon a time I had a lovely tape with “Chants to the Divine Mother” Which I had picked up in California, Harbin Hot Springs where I took my shiatsu training.  I loved that music but the tape died in a the fire/flood back in 2005, it was not the water so much as the disintegrating ceiling tiles crap that turned to concrete that did the damage.   Well this version was sort of like listening to the Mormon Tabernacle choir singing Janis Joplin songs….  sad sad.

I also ordered yarn from Knitpiks and used a Micheals coupon to get more yarn to make socks.  This will be the main expression for the next little while.



There will be a variety of socks the fuzzy red will become bed socks for my youngest, the bag of pima cotton will become multi coloured socks for me and the rest will be house socks for Mother.  The elastic on her current socks is getting to tight for her diabetic feet.  I made socks for Dad too last year.  He just found them and finally tried them on.  Now I can’t get them off his feet to finish weaving in the thread.  I guess I will have to make him some more mud coloured ones.

These are my socks I have been working on.  I must be feeling less stressed because I keep wanting to work on them instead of surfing the net!  Yes they are that bright pink.  These are my first top down socks with western style heels, my first heel flaps and gusset heels!

My socks, top down with turned heels

My socks, top down with turned heels

Tonight I am going to meditation.  I tried last week but it was cancelled as the leader was stuck on a plane somewhere between here and Afghanistan…..We will see if I can manage their style.