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I am Back!

Well sort off, almost, will be soon.

My mother died in April after a really difficult year of spiralling downwards.  During the last year I haven’t blogged because there was nothing I really wanted to share here.  I shared on caregiver sites but this was supposed to be my art site and all I have done in this last year has been to knit.  I knitted endlessly this last year and my daughters have been inundated with knit goods, innumerable hats, socks, shawls, cowls, and shrugs – even their boyfriends got stuff!

Knitting helped me survive.  It can be picked up and dropped at a moments notice, unlike art work.  It helps me zone out – 1, 2 ,3 ,4 , Yarn over, K2tog, repeat – it requires just enough focus to calm the mind and keeps the hands busy.  The bright colours made me feel good.  Nothing was really original, I didn’t want to think or design, that was too demanding.

Some of the items:

Silver fox scarf

Silver fox scarf



lace hat

lace hat

I am slowly finding myself back.  I cleaned of part of my studio desk that had become the parking place for all sorts of stuff.  I have thought about finishing projects I started the last 3 years but I am not there yet.  Tomorrow my youngest daughter comes to visit for 2 weeks and we plan to do a lot of fun things and sight seeing.  Then in July I am going to Whitehorse to help my other daughter recover from surgery.  In August my father moves to a supported living facility because he is too lonely and feels trapped in the house now that mom is gone.  Once he moves we get to redecorate the house to our liking – and we can deal with the hundred of gnomes my mother collected.

But between all that I will get my art work off the ground again.  I promise.