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I haven’t done much since the last post.  I have had some health issues dealing with some “digestive issues”  and that is as far as I am going to go.

I have mostly been knitting and crocheting.  I am still working on my sister’s lacy crocheted summer top.  It is now November and there is snow on the ground and it is cold enough for the dog to wear its sweater and booties but I am still working on her top.   The pattern came out of a magazine that was touting “Quick Weekend projects”.  I can only assume now that they meant they took 48 hours of solid work.

The dog sweater I knitted last spring fits well – at least it did until the snow flew and it got wet.  Then it stretched and the dog was walking up into the sweater with its hind legs.  She would sit down and whimper in confusion until I untangled her legs and rolled it up a bit.  I think I am going to crotchet some elastic into the band and some of the stomach area.

The knitting I was doing was for our yarn bombing group.  We all created poppies to yarn storm Valour Place, the place where wounded soldiers and their families can stay when they get therapy at the Glenrose.   They made 1111 poppies in all, I made ….. 6… but they are big and they sparkle!

Poppies for Valour Place

Poppies for Valour Place

Art for FUN!!!

Last month I got involved with the local yarn bombing group.  We do places like a local Alzheimer centre so they have something cheerful to look at during the winter.

Usually I just help out with assembly but this time we were asked to do a lamppost as part of a street festival and the organizers decided to do a garden.  Now sometime in the distant past I helped create a set for an adult website where I knitted moss.  This was fun, random knitting done on large needles so I decided to volunteer to create the “grass” for the garden.  Of course as soon as I got home and checked my yarn stash I realized that nearly all those yarns had been donated before I left Montreal.  I looked temptingly at the “moss” I had created, that had been returned to me, but the cat made very threatening noises at the thought of losing his soft, fluffy bed.  This of course generated lots of fun FB posts about going out and hunting down some “grass”.  I actually slummed and went to Walmart to buy tacky yarn and I actually used a Micheals coupon too.

It was a blast knitting on 15 mm needles after all the lace kitting I have done lately.  I used two strands of yarn plus a sparkly lurex as the base knit fabric.  I wove green fun fur in and out of the knit – sort of like how you carry a yarn of the colour you are not using in Fair Isle knitting. I used short rows to create angles in the knitting.   The only issue I had was that it was very hot in August and sitting with a thick, furry blanket in my lap meant I only knit in air conditioned spaces.  The finished size was 37 inches wide by 39 inches tall – it wasn’t a project one could stick in ones purse.




Lots of other people knitted flowers, birds, butterflies, leaves and of course sky!  Now normally our creations are put up by some much younger people with significant others who don’t mind standing on top of a ladder at midnight at -20C but this time the whole thing had to be assembled in public in daylight.   Our intrepid installers solved the problem by knitting themselves beards and toques and becoming Edmonton lumber jacks for the day.  Luckily it was not too hot.

The lamppost decorating was actually a contest and WE WON.  We donated the prize to Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts and the Alberta Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Society.

For more details and lots of pictures check out Knitmonton.