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Will I Ever See My Stash Again?

My yarn and fabric stash that is.  It is in the shed.  Renovations are more then 2 weeks behind schedule.  They started off great, walls demolished, concrete broken up, trench dug for the plumbers new drain pipes – and then the plumber showed up a week late.  Which meant that by the time he was finished the concrete guys had left on holiday.  So we still have no concrete in the trench and work is stopped dead in its tracks until the concrete is done.  Since it has been unseasonably warm and it rained, it is now a wet, muddy trench.

Below is the studio – or what will be the studio.  More stuff went into it after this picture was taken.  There is a 2 foot path from the door to the sink now.  Someday my studio will be here

As an escape from the frustrations my sister and I went to check out Harcourt House Gallery not far from where we live.  It is a cooperative and they have drop in life drawing sessions.  As we walked into the main gallery this awful noise started up.  A low droning, vibration that hits one in the back of the head and sets ones teeth vibrating.  I asked “Is there something wrong with your sound system?”  but no apparently it was the installation in the next room.  We grabbed all the brochures and hightailed it out of there.  Which was too bad because the paintings looked very interesting.   I am only surprised nobody had put a fist through any of them because that noise was just right to put people into a killing mood.  Oh and I have no idea what the installation was about.   My guess is that they had a hate on for the person who did the portraits or the staff.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at Home Depot looking at flooring.