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Drowned snakes and tools

The Medusa doll is going on at a good speed.  The weather has helped.  Since Christmas we have had alternating snow, freezing rain and -18c temperatures.  Yes I know, dear ones in Whitehorse, that isn’t “really” cold but then you have a warm car and aren’t slithering to a bus stop.  So no boxing week shopping and lots of sewing got done.  The body is all sculpted and assembled.

Medusa back

The next thing was the snakes, lots of snakes.  Most of them are being made out of a recycled silk tie I found a few forages ago.  It is a lovely hand painted green silk in all sorts of shades of soft greens.  Perfect for the snakes.  The others will be from a forest green silk that was formerly a blouse of mine.

I spent hours drawing spirals on slippery silk, stitching them, cutting carefully and turning them.  Oh I love my turning tools.  They have made such a difference in the time and quality of the turned fingers and other small, skinny objects like snakes.

Late in the afternoon, while taking a tea break, I arranged the snakes on the doll’s head just to get the feel of how it was going to look, some were pinned but not all of them.  I walked away to do some surfing.  Now the animals get fed at 5 pm but the cat starts reminding people of that fact by 3:30, just in case we forget……  One of my roommates came to look at the result and as we admired the snakes (and the cat who has her private sitting space on my work desk), I go to pick up my almost finished tea and there in the bottom of the cup is a snake…..  The drowned snake – of hand painted silk.  Much squealing ensued, the cat is offended. The snake is removed from the tea and rinsed and rinsed.  I think it has dried up ok, but it will probably end up under the others, it looks different, but that could just be my imagination or that it is all flat and limp.  Maybe after it is stuffed it will perk up.

snakes and tools