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The Stockings from Hell

Are finished.

Over a year and a half ago my darling youngest daughter came home from a weekend in the Laurentians “Mama one of the girls had these stockings with lace and things that her mom made.  You could do that, right?” .  Since that was the first knitting she had asked for, and not just grudgingly accepted, I was over joyed.  We shared a mother/daughter bonding moment surfing Ravelry together looking at patterns.  We finally settled on one called “Moulin Rouge”  Thigh high lace stockings, to be knit in black cotton.  Yes thigh high, in cotton that knits up at 10 rows per inch….

I measured her legs, traced her feet and traced her legs and made a couple of swatches.  I started the feet, knitting both stockings at the same time on two circular needles and she moved to Halifax Nova Scotia.  I knitted on, while looking after mother, plastering and painting a bedroom, preparing for an art show, painting a stairwell.  I took some time off to knit some Christmas presents, another hat for my granddaughter ,because she lost the first one.  Darling daughter came for a visit and tried on the stocking – now up to calf length.  Let me tell you there is at least an inch difference between someone who wears a size 5 1/2 shoe and a size 9 and I had been trying them on a size 9 foot, mine, because I had put the paper with the tracing of her foot in a safe place.  No I was not going to frog the sock down to the ankle, far too many hours had gone into them.

In the meantime I moved to Edmonton and finished the granddaughter’s hat and I made some fingerless gloves to match the hat (which I put in a safe place – I found it back last weekend) because I had never made any before so this was a good time to try that.  Once they were finished I tried to continue on the stockings but there was the renovations happening and the only comfy knitting chair was in the livingroom where I had to hear mother’s audio books and she prefers those hot, hot vampire books.

Then came the Kangaroo that mother wanted.  I had found a book on knitted toys and for once mother communicated very clearly that she wanted me to make the kangaroo, so the stockings were put aside once more.

At the end of August we decided that we would have a big Thanksgiving with my daughter and granddaughter form Whitehorse and my other one from Halifax in October and I suddenly realized I had been working off and on for over a year on these endless stockings and I was just over the knee.  So I bought some earplugs and settled down to determined knitting every day.  And I made the deadline.  Then  ……  I cut off the toes.  Yes I took a pair of scissors to hand knit lace stockings!    I removed the excess and reknit the toes.

So here they are – tall black lace stockings with tiny feet!  All finished.  Finally!


stockings from Hell

PS:  Now that they are finished I am knitting bedsocks for my Dad out of thick acrylic yarn that looks like camouflage for walking in dead leaves and mud, but they are almost done and then I am going to knit with a rainbow of colours a hat for my self!

PPS:  The studio is almost finished.  The guests have been sleeping in it.  All we are doing on it now is finding back all the sewing machines and notions and books and magazines and irons and…..  But soon I can work there.