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Life Happens

I have been in Edmonton now for 2 weeks.  Watching – looking after Mom, feeding Dad and dragging my sick sister shopping.  I realized I can’t walk away.  After long discussions with everyone I am moving to Edmonton. It means giving up my lovely light filled studio.  I will get another space eventually but first we have to finish some renovations.  So it will be a few months before much new art work will show up here.

I have to go back to Montreal mid February, pack up my life there, move to Edmonton, supervise the renos and re-arrange the house and garage and get my pets there too.  But my mind will be in one place and I will have the peace of mind that I am doing the Right Thing.

In the mean time I had a birthday and today I went to spend my birthday money at Sew Divine in Edmonton.  A lovely friendly quilt shop.  They had a selection of to die for greens. The photo doesn’t do them justice.  There will be more mermaids and Medusas to come.

birthday fabrics