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Living Here

Ok so I am not yet blossoming, but I am “Living Here”.  The last of my “possessions”  are on their way – my cat and dog – they are flying tomorrow morning.  I am chewing my fingernails, metaphorically because they taste awful, actually I am snacking, chewing my nails would be better for my health.  I did start working out last week but we are not going to whine about that here.

What I forgot to post last week is that I joined the VAAA “Visual Arts Alberta Association”.  My sister and I went back to Harcourt house to see the exhibition that we thought was on.  It wasn’t.  They were setting up for another one.  So we wandered across the hall to see if VAAA had something.  They didn’t but we got to talking with Sharon Moore  Foster, a potter and sculpture, who signed us up for the VAAA.  We had a wonderful talk about art, time and health.

Next week is “The Works” in Edmonton.  I am planning to go to the VAAA  reception for its “Coming of Age: The Graduates” on the 21st.  We might go to some other exhibits too.